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Eton Electronics (UK) Ltd is a company that encourages orders of all sizes.

We understand that a lot of customers don’t always require high volumes, but that is no reason to lose the opportunity of gaining competitive pricing. For this reason we will manage your PCB procurement by multi-batch manufacture and stock holding in the UK. By doing this we can pass through higher volume pricing on projects that would normally be expensive due to small batches being ordered.

Why pay premium pricing for product on a quick turnaround basis? Let Eton Electronics stock your bare boards and benefit from a very quick call off time instead.

Prompt and timely deliveries mean a faster turnaround of product for our customers. At Eton Electronics we use dedicated couriers for each individual order, rather than waiting for consolidation of freight to reduce our costs. This also means that we’re able to track your shipment from the second it leaves the factory until delivery, whether to our stocking facility or directly to your door.

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